About this blog

Fantasy scenes building - CG illustrator

“The realm of Imagi-Nation is a place where all things are possible. Imagi-Nation is every-where and every-when, around us and in us, interwoven with what we call reality. People, places, and events can be brought to life in the Imagi-Nation, if only we are bold enough to explore and act on our dreams to manifest them. It is to this that artists of all persuasions — the poets, dreamers, musicians, writers, painters, and others — are called.

The Travelling Artists’ Guild is one of Imagi-Nation’s most venerable organisations but also one of the least known. On occasion, the Guild sends out emissaries who invite artists to gather in its halls. Those who respond to the call are issued with the invitation to undertake a journey of discovery into the Imagi-Nation, to bring back news, tales and art from the farthest-flung reaches of the realm. The Traveling Artists’ Guild holds its explorer artists in high esteem, as without them, extensive areas of Imagi-Nation would remain forever unknown.

In September 2010, a call went out to artists and writers, inviting those whose time to journey had arrived to take part in a one year long journey of discovery into the Imagi-Nation. This blog documents their travels, explorations, and creations.” -Susan Letham-

I am using this blog for the second time to report my artist’s journey.


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