Noble Dodo


The Dodo was bouncing in a very straight line, it was looking down and didn’t see them so the creature almost bumped into Ilan and Tenzin.

“Hey…” said Ilan “Hello? Can you talk?”

The bird jumped, froze and opened its eyes like two big plates. It stood there for at least 30 seconds, doing nothing, just staring at them.

“I think we froze him…her…it,” whispered Tenzin

“I think it’s a dodo… you know, they declared them extinct,” Ilan whispered back.

Ilan didn’t know what to do, so she touched the bird’s head, softly. Always softly she thought.
The dodo jumped and looked at them in a more normal way, if that bird could look like normal at all… and it said “Toc toc!!!”
“See? It was the door…I mean, the bird that did that,” said Tenzin
“Toc-Toc-Toc” said the dodo with a really cute voice
“You can only say that?” asked Ilan with a desperate look on her eyes
“I bet the bird can say more tocs…” answered Tenzin and burst out laughing.
The Dodo looked at Tenzin and this time it was bright, “Toooooooc-Toc-Toc-Toooooooc-Toc-Tooooc-Toc-Toooooooc!!!”
“BLIMEY!!!! Now that is so elaborated!!!” said the otter
“Aw, Tenzin, you’re offending it!”

“Ok, look Ilan, we’re in middle of a desert, paradoxically, in an island that floats and moves around like a rocking boat, and now we’ve just found a strange bird that speaks erm… door language… can you think of a stranger situation?
“Actually….” answered Ilan
But Tenzin interrupted her “I know what you’re going to say, you’re going to ask him to carry us around!” said Tenzin whilst joking.
“Actually…” said Ilan whilst looking at the otter letting her know she was being unpolite again, “Yes, yes… that’s what I was going to ask the bird.”

“See? I knew it!” said Tenzin “What?! You mean it?!”

Ilan approached the creature and asked nicely “Dear creature, whoever you are, would it be possible for you to carry us around? We would like to visit the….”
Sooner said than done, the dodo slipped himself under Ilan and Tenzin and before they could realize they were riding it; the dodo disappeared into the forest.


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