A knock on the door…?


When they reached the shore they noticed that the island was indeed, moving, floating with the current.
“Let’s walk along the shore,” said Ilan trying to recover the balance at each second that passed. “Whoa, this thing is rocking like a boat.”

They walked and while they walked they heard some really strange noise, like a knock on the door, but it sounded somewhat far from where they were. “Did you hear that, Tenzin?”

“You mean the toc-toc thingie? Ow, I thought it was my brain playing funny tricks…”
“Hahaha! Well, either it’s something out there, or we both have gone nuts…!”

But the “knock on the door” became clearer as they walked along the shore. Now they could see some rocks and a silhouette appeared on the horizon. It was walking towards them, and it sounded like the mysterious knock on the door became even clearer to them. “It must be it, the toc-toc thingie… but how strange!” said Tenzin.

A few metres later they met with a dodo, a noble creature, although to them, then, it looked like completely ridiculous.


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