Their very own Grail


“Strange flower…!”

Tenzin wasn’t listening; she ran into it and drank from the little fountain that came from the center of the flower.
But as soon as she did that, the little jet in the flower grew, and grew and grew, and grew so high that now it was splashing everywhere.

“Yahoooo! Water!” said Tenzin whilst she bounced around with her arms up trying to collect as much water as she could.
Suddenly they realized that they were in a big puddle, and then they realized that the puddle was growing too… and it grew, and grew, and grew so large that now Ilan had water up to her hips.

“Tenzin? Where are you? I can’t see you.”
The puddle now looked like a lake, and Ilan wasn’t touching the bottom, so deep it was.
Tenzin appeared all of a sudden, splashing around, swimming, and as happy as an otter can be in water. Needless to say she was in her element.

“Where do we go now, Tenzin?
“You asking me???” answered the otter with a little irony.
“What are we going to do now?! I can’t see the shore anywhere, this lake is so big! I won’t be able to swim that far!”
“You know what? I do have one good idea for once …” said Tenzin and before she finished her sentence she disappeared under the water surface to reappear a few seconds later in front of Ilan, showing her back to her.

“You fancy a little ride?”


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