The glowing lamp


Ilan had been so impressed by the sight of the dome and the energy that emanated from Aaima that she totally forgot about making any questions. When Ilan and Tenzin crossed the gigantic door of the dome and stepped outside they saw Wajada sitting on a log on the left, and approached her. Ilan’s eyes were wide open and she couldn’t pronounce a word yet.

“I know,” said Wajada, “it’s amazing, isn’t it? And you haven’t seen half of it yet!”

Ilan sat with Wajada and looked towards the night sky and finally announced herself, “So all this, everything that I have seen since I’ve crossed through the cauldron, is my inner world? Everything represents me?”

Wajada nodded and offered the lamp that she was still holding. “Look inside the lamp, what do you see?”

Ilan looked inside and saw a faint glow.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It’s your mood, the glow is how you’re feeling, and the happier you are, the brighter the light will be; now try thinking of something that makes or made you happy…”

Ilan thought of the day when her mum brought to her her first watercolor kit, and she smiled. And whilst she was smiling, the glow became brighter.

“Wow! It’s true!” she was totally amazed, “Did you see that, Tenzin?!”

Tenzin nodded excitedly.

“Let’s see… do you remember when we met, Tenzin? You jumped out of the water onto my lap; that was such a surprise, and it was so funny…!”

The lamp glowed even more, and now with that expanding light they could see more of the village around them.

“I have to tell you about a mission, Ilan”

“I’m all ears” said Ilan.


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