The tent


Ilan understood that through the cauldron she crossed into a new dimension. But it was more than that, she just crossed into her own world.

“Wajada? How’s that you found me in the desert like that? There is nobody else around!”

“How can you be so sure? You know that my name means “The Finder”?

“The Finder? Does that mean you find people in the desert, like me?”

“Ilan, I only find you. My people moves wherever your star shines.”

“You mean that star that I keep seeing…?”

“Yes, that is your star, and my people always know where you are, because the star tells us. You can never be lost because our whole village can move wherever it manifests as long as it is in the desert, we are your Desert Guardians, ” Wajada suddenly stopped.

“What’s going on?”

“Look, my tent there,” Wajada pointed with the lantern in the direction of the tent.

Wajada's Tent


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