Wajada, the nomad


When Ilan opened her eyes she realised that it was night already and when she sat she realised that Tenzin was nowhere to be seen. She called three times but it seemed as if the otter had vanished. She walked and called once again, but nothing. She was scared now and she was cold. The night in the desert is certainly not the same thing as during the day, regarding temperatures. “What will I do now?” she thought “Walk…?” So she walked and as she was walking she noticed in the horizon a little change. There was a light, and the light was approaching. Ilan couldn’t hide anywhere although that is exactly what she would have loved to be able to do. She dared to call again “Teeeenziiinn!? Is it you?” But no response, and the light was moving towards her and a few seconds later, Ilan could see what it was. It was a person, covered with a dark cloak. Ilan stood where she was. Nothing else came out of her mouth, but a feminine voice talked to her ”Ilan, don’t be scared, we found the otter, and now we have found you, you’ll be safe with us…” the person held Ilan’s hand and they both walked in the direction from where the stranger came.

“Who are you?” asked Ilan.

“I’m a nomad, my name is Wajada.”

“And what are you doing here?”

“I thought you would already know that, don’t you recognise me?”

Ilan didn’t understand, but Wajada read her facial expression.

“This is your world Ilan. And this is your desert. I’m you, or rather, part of you.”


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