The Ceremony of Departure


When I opened the door, there were two possible ways in front of me; not so far from the entry, I saw a beautifully decorated door and a woman stood in a meditative mood, in front of some stained glass windows.

“Excuse me? I’m looking for the Journey Hall” I asked while approaching her

“Oh, is that you, Ilan?”she replied

“How do you know me? May I ask who you are?” and while I was asking, I realized. “Are you the Guildmistress?!”

Then she smiled and nodded. “Take the other way, Ilan, that will lead you right into the Journey Hall. There’s not another way, so you won’t get lost. We are about to start.”

“Thank you! And nice to meet you!” I walked away in the other direction and saw at the end of the other alley, another door. I opened it and entered in a very dark room.

When my eyes got accustomed to that darkness, I realized that I wasn’t alone. The hall in front of me was an immense circular hall, and instead of a roof, it was vaulted with a round stained glass window through which I could see the moon. On the floor in middle of the hall was a mosaic of a compass, and standing around, were people holding candles.

There were some stairs just behind me, that led to a balcony from which I could perfectly see and hear what was happening in the circle downstairs.

The people downstairs started drumming and chanting and beautiful words were sung.

Their words sunk into my being and just when I was about to close my eyes I heard my name. I was called to enter the circle downstairs.

When I stepped in, I felt a little warm breeze around me and for a second I thought I was stepping into another world, but it was just a subtle impression, because everybody was still there just the same as before.

Then I saw the Guildmistress approaching me and asked me to put my hands on her palms. I was still holding the doll and the compass, so I put the doll in my left pocket, and the compass in the right one, so I could put my hands on her palms and then she started talking to me.

“Sen Gin told me about your mission, Ilan. You had a spiritual calling in a very early stage of your journey, and that is really good. I wish now that you walk in Beauty and that you stand for Beauty at all times, and the Journey, your very own journey, will reveal itself to you. It will find you. Now I will ask you to leave the doll with me, she will be in good hands, it is the way I will know that everything is OK, wherever you are. She will tell me at all times.”She then walked away and pointed at my right pocket were I kept my compass, so I understood I had to take it out. And so I did.

A whirlwind came from the floor I was standing on, and the needle of the compass I held spun. And spun faster. And stopped.

And indicated the West.

And so my journey began.


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