The preparation material


I chose one of the cardboard boxes on the table of the room and painted it in acrylic colors. When the painting dried, I glued japanese ephemera on top and jewels on the four corners.

This is the paper bag book that I will use as a folder to keep papers, maps, ephemera, postcards, and other flat stuff that I will probably find in the route. I put together 12 brown envelopes and saw them together. Then I added a black cardboard paper for the cover and decorated it with acrylic painting, and an image that I glued on it afterwards. The tube is the map, it’s just rolled.

And finally here’s the map that I carried all the way from home. It’s made of acrylic paintings on brown wrapping paper.

I realized when I was making the first box that I would need another container for all the stuff I know I will find on my way, so I made another one just in case. I also found a leather leash with which I can tie both boxes together and on Shobogenzo.

Here is the second box, that I made exactly the same way than with the first one. Acrylic colors with tibetan ephemera.

And here’s how I’m going to carry them on the horse.


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